In Yuma, there are not many wedding planners and honestly not many bride and grooms use them here. In bigger cities, they are used quite often and there are obviously many more choices to choose from. Wedding planners can eliminate, or at least, diminish stress from your planning, as you know.

The question you have to ask yourself is “what is the extra stress worth to me and should I pay someone to deal with that stress instead”? The list you have to plan your own wedding is long and it is mostly likely longer than you have written down.

Wedding planners not only plan out every detail of your wedding (with your input of course) but they can also indirectly effect the other vendors too, in a good way.

Wedding planners can influence the look, atmosphere and feel of your wedding, they know the vendors, they know what needs to be at the wedding, and they want to make your vision come to life. With saying that, because they influence the look and feel of your wedding they also enhance things like your wedding pictures in most instances.

Do not get us wrong though, many of our brides have perfectly planned out their whole wedding and the atmosphere was perfect! For some it wasn’t much stress but instead fun and excitement! If thats the case for you then pass on the wedding planner. But always remember your TIME is worth something, it isn’t free and planning a wedding is a huge time commitment.

We suggest at least doing a couple consultations with a wedding planner and see what they can do for you. If you do consult with a wedding planner we have some questions you can ask them.

Questions to ask your Wedding Planner/Coordinator

  • What packages do you offer and what do they include?
  • Are the fees, for your service, based on total cost of wedding or an hourly or flat rate?
  • Does your service provide “day of” assistance?
  • Will you be running the show at the reception? Meaning, will there be a detailed list of all the events and will you be in contact with the DJ to make sure everything runs smoothly?
  • Have you done weddings similar to what we are looking for?
  • Do vendors give you a special rate if we use you as a wedding planner?
  • Is a retainer required? How much? Side note: As with all vendors If they do not require a retainer, in our opinion, they are not serious. A retainer protects you too, make sure they are serious and need a retainer to book their services.

As with all vendors, make sure there is an agreement detailing what they will be providing you. We hope we provided you some things to think about. 🙂

Here is a list of Yuma wedding planners.. Do you have any tips to find a wedding planner? Leave a comment!

Cheerio! 🙂

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