You have a difficult decision, possibly the biggest decision you will have to make for your wedding day. Choosing your wedding photographer!

Stan and Anel's groomsmen and bridesmaids gets wedding pictures taken of them.

Stan and Anel’s groomsmen and bridesmaids gets wedding pictures taken of them.

It’s a daunting task because this person will capture your day, will capture your love, and will also be the person pretty much directing the day even with a wedding planner present.

As photographers ourselves (Vince and Tarah, from Fallbrook), we can tell you that we don’t just sit back and snap pictures from a distance (yes, we do some of that too). We are literally directing the bridal party, making sure everyone is on time and knows exactly where to be, picking shooting locations and are with you the WHOLE time. You want someone that is confident, bold at times (this ensures the best pictures!), and of course an expert of their craft.

Great wedding photographers are a pretty penny that is worth every cent. The reason is because the pictures will last forever and will outlast anything at your wedding. We are not saying that because we are photographers, but logically this is the truth.

To eliminate some stress from this very important decision, we lay out some questions to ask your photographer. These questions will give you a better understanding of the company and give you the best bang for your buck or thousands of bucks in most cases.

Before you start looking for a photographer, make sure you have a date for your wedding set. We book clients up to 2 years in advance, and if we or any other photographers are booked already, you wouldn’t want to waste your time asking these questions with them. Below are some questions to consider asking:

  • Will you be taking the pictures? Some Photographers have “associates” shoot for them. This mostly happens in bigger cities but could happen in Yuma too.
  • How long have you been a wedding photographer? This is pretty important, for obvious reasons but also non-obvious reasons, such as having years of business experience which may show insight to how well they treat you as a customer. Many companies may be great at their craft, however, the experience with them is terrible; i.e. responding back to emails.
  • What packages do you offer? Most photographers will give you a price range at first and packages may be talked about only at the consult.
  • Is wedding photography your speciality? Photographers may claim to be Jack-of-all trades. If photographers do “everything” (Weddings, babies, kids, seniors, quinceaneras, parties, family, mini sessions, and more), they do not specialize in anything, which can be a HUGE WARNING SIGN. Wedding photography is a discipline which needs total focus and energy. The wedding photographer must focus pretty strictly on becoming an experienced wedding photographer by going to expos, reading books and forums, and keeping up with the industry. It’s impossible to do all that and shoot pictures of everything……..

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