Their have been many changes to the parents responsibilities for the wedding of their offspring in recent years. The money aspect of things have morphed quite a few times actually.

The tradition was, believe it or not, the Groom’s side would pay for mostly everything. We won’t go into why, but a little search on google would tell you why. It then changed to the brides parents forking out the green stuff and in recent years we have seen it where most of the engaged couples are shelling out the money for their weddings.

So, we are just going to go into the basics of the parents responsibilities and not go into the money aspect to much.  These are not set in stone and can vary quite a bit, but we give you all a loose guideline as to what we have seen in recent years.

  • The brides parents usually announce the engagement in each the brides and groom’s hometown via newspaper and other outlets if wanted.
  • Host the engagement party.
  • Assisting the engaged couple with scheduling the events of the wedding day, including the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.
  • Compile the list of brides family to attend the wedding.
  • The mother of the bride should select a gown in a style and in a color that complements the bride’s wedding dress, the bride should approve of the selection.
  • Keeping the RSVP list in order and up-to-date
  • The father of the bride should prepare a toast for the newlyweds. We have even seen bride’s mothers prepare the toast for the father, haha! Usually that doesn’t go well however. Fathers please do this… don’t regret not doing it. 😉
  • The mother of the bride SHOULD be with their daughter during the getting ready aspect of the wedding day. We often see them not present.

To the parents of the bride:

The wedding day is pretty emotional but emotions will surface before the wedding too! It’s important to understand this completely… it’s your daughters wedding day, one of the biggest and best days of her life. Making this the best day of her life is the parents responsibility on both sides. 🙂

Vince and Tarah,


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